CHU'S MUSINGS TRILL (3x Cassette Reissue)

J. Zagers - Chu's Musings Trill

3 full lengths spanning from 2009 - 2012 reissued on Soft Science Records out of Savannah, GA.

Chu's Blues - originally released on I Just Live Here

Fold : The Tale Of Table - originally released on Stay Away From Ghosts
Key Conduction - originally released on Human Conduct

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Key Conduction

J. Zagers
"Key Conduction"
released by Human Conduct

"The reviews are in folks" ---Magic Kid

"A full-bodied complex cut of splice composition dedicated to the translation of strong energy into each take, in conjunction with the "the dissecting ear". -- Human Conduct.  

" Fearlessly gentle, the album proceeds through various weird realities. The production barely conceals terrifying chasms under a veneer of "vacation" keyboard beats."  -- Cassette Gods

 "For all this year's synthesizer music, that uses incredibly expensive equipment to sound like cheap presets, I like Zager's use of MIDI more, hitting upon those "new age" tones, while live instruments, such as drums and saxophone cascade in vague emulation of a Coltrane's spiritual pursuits through jazz."  --- Brian Nicholson

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