Solo Recordings

Rock Banned 
Cdr self Released, 3 songs. (2008)

Chu's Blues
 Cassette released on I Just Live Here. 20 Minutes. (2010)
A Side 1)Medly 2)Three Tones 3)Secret Space
B Side 1)Innermission 2) Artist Residency International 3) Four Months 4) I-95 (remix)

Neighbors Knock  
Cassette released through mutual deterioration. 9 minutes. (2010)
A Side 1) Neighbors Knock
B Side 2) Retain/You & I

Fold "The Tale Of Table"
Cassette Released on Stay Away From Ghosts. 31 minutes (2011)
A Side 1)Contact 2)The Vulnerable Passenger 3)Neat To Know 4)Waiting For The Hour
B Side 1)A Voice To Posses 2)Antidote 3)Toothache 4)Loves Lousy Shade 5)The Catalyst 6) The Whisperer

Key Conduction  
Cassette Released on Human Conduct. 40 minutes. (2012)
A Side  The Giant Child
B Side  Gas Chamber

Eventually an LP "Still Alive"

The Splits

split w/ Craow  
Cassingles Series - Cassette on Stay Away From Ghosts. 5 minutes (2009)

split w/Dinner Music
King Kong Kitchie Kitchie Ki Me O - Cassette released through mutual deterioration. 8 minutes (2011)

split w/No Milk
Dandelion Shake - Cassette released on Human Conduct (2012)

Coming Soon split w/Toe Ring